How we work

Bringing supplies to families in impoverished communities

A simple system based on research, sustainability, and measured growth.

Our Process


We find a community where children need help and research where health and education can be addressed through the Echo program.

Local partner

We can’t do it alone. We partner with trusted local vendors to source items and resources that specifically address needs in the children’s lives.

Box building &

Our local coaches ensure the safe and prompt delivery of each Echo box each family on a monthly basis, and track progress.

What’s in the box?

Each box contains a curated selection of items. What goes in is directly informed by the research and conversations with children, families, and leaders in each community. Contents range from food items, school supplies, and personal hygiene items.

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Why We Do It

We focus on providing more than just basic needs to children living in improvished communities

What are basic needs?

Resources considered essential for achieving and maintaining physical well-being are considered basic needs. They are found in the “Physiological Needs” of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

How it helps education

Some of the greatest barriers to education aren't a lack of pencils and schoolbooks, it's an empty stomach distracting you from your lessons, or the embarrassment of showing up to class dirty. Echo aims to break down these barriers by providing food and personal hygiene supplies in addition to school books and school fees. ⁠

What we provide

Instead of assuming what families and children need, we ask. This ensures that what we provide will actually make a difference.

Why it works

There’s no question that children with proper education are able to provide better futures for themselves and those around them. In turn, this can raise spirits, inspire others, and boost the local economy – all creating an echo of hope.