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Welcome to Bwera, Uganda

Bwera is a small town located on the boreder of western Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Who is Bwera

Echo’s first global partner is the Child Development Embassy, a growing school in Bwera, Uganda.

Finding Bwera

Bwera is a remote town on the western border of Uganda, sitting near the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is North of Lake Edward, located between several large National Parks.

When Will, our founder, visited the town, he flew to Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and drove 8 hours to spend three nights in the Bwera region. He toured the school Echo is now partnered with, met with teachers and leaders, and went throughout the village – through corroded dirt roads and thick, overgrown bush – to the homes of some of the students to sit and talk with their parents and guardians. Echo’s model was informed directly through this research and focus on building relationships and gaining important insight into the community.⁠

What’s in their box?

Bwera’s box consists of items requested by the families and leaders within the community. These items include: workbooks, pencils, rice, beans, sugar, soap, toothpaste, toothrushes, as well as school fees and even a soccerball!

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